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At In Flanders Fields Museum and the Hooge Crater Museum, we are immersed in the story of our wartime history through life-like displays and hyper-digital experiences.

And at the Yper Museum and the Mergelynck Museum, we dig even deeper into our town's rich heritage.

Allow us to take you on a short tour of Ypres's museums!

Hooge Crater Museum

The Hooge Crater Museum is owned by Niek and Ilse and is the best private museum in the region, with a friendly, themed café adjoining the museum itself.  The museum is located in what was once a chapel, built in the 1920' and contains an impressive collection of authentic First World War artefacts.

This fascinating place gives you the chance to experience what happened during the war at close quarters, by giving you a free walking app to guide you around the surrounding area.  You can also take park in enthralling story-telling walks.  Or watch and original film from 1917.

At the Hooge Crater Museum, you can also visit the entry point to the Ypres Salient East Walking route: here is a visitors' centre explaining the various circular walks you can take.

Not had enough yet?  New since 8th of May 2023 is the new exhibition 'The Front Eye', a unique and brand new vieuwing point in the museum: the Hooge's reconstruction Chapel. The large rose window in the heritage chapel lets you look out over Hill 60, HILL 62, HOoge Crater Cemetery, the Kemmelberg and the Ypres Salient. 

To enable you to experience every aspect of their museum, Niek and Ilse have developed this exclusive package:

  • museum visit with a short introduction by Niek or Ilse
  • exclusive visit to a trench system (usually only for groups)
  • a tasty bread roll, with a filling of your choice and fresh salad
  • a locally brewed beer on tap or a drink of your choice (e.g. soft drink, coffee)
  • a walking map and tips for the crater walk near to Bellewaerde ridge

Price : € 19,50 pp (instead of the normal price of € 23, exclusive to hotels)

Ask for this package at our hotel reception desk!

In Flanders Fields Museum

In Flanders Fields Museum brings the more than 100 year-old story of the Great War to life, in a very compelling and interactive manner.  Now that there are no living survivors of the war, this museum has become, more than every before, the gateway to understanding what happened in Flanders during the First World War.  The gripping video projections, unique sound effects and the most state-to-the-art multi-media applications, submerge you in life at the front.

With a wrist band, you can register as you enter the museum and then make virtual contact with someone who live through the events of more than 100 years ago.

If you have booked your hotel room direct with us, you can buy your ticket for the museum from our reception desk at a reduced price.

Het Yper Museum

The Yper Museum gives you with a taste of 11 centuries of life in Ypres and the Westhoek.  Browse through a unique collection of insignia, maps, archeological finds, coins, lace and handwork and so much more besides.

Kids can take their place right at the centre of Medieval Ypres - and we mean that literally, because there is a giant model of the town.

You will also be give a cat's paw wristband, to help you get the most out of your visit in a fun way.

If you booked your hotel stay direct with us, you are also entitled to a discount for this splendid museum - just ask for a reduced price ticket at our reception.

Het Merghelynck Museum

After several years of painstaking restoration, it's again possible to visit the fabulous Merghelynck Museum.  This impressive mansion house is a faithful reconstruction of the original built in 1774.  In beautifully decorated salons and boudoirs, you can see period pieces of French furniture, works of art and silver ware, saved from the infernos of the First World War.

This is unique among Ypres' museums and can only be visited by making a reservation in advance.  It is also possible to organise fun activities for kids, such as training to be a footman or a maid.  An enjoyable way for children, with parents, grandparents, family and friends to get together and share a memorable day out.

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