Book your table

Are you staying in our hotel? That is always handy to know, it would be great if you mention this in the online process.

We also like to know beforehand if you'd fancy eating outside (weather permitting). Moving your table to outside on the day, is not always possible anymore.   

Will you please consider your arrival time well? That will enable us to prepare ourselves in these challenging times. Thank you! 

When you book dinner at 6pm, we'll make sure you will be out in time to experience the Last Post.

Don't worry of your preferred arrival time no longer shows up, you can simply select the next slot. If you arrive early, there's always the bar where you can have a drink whilst you wait for your table. 

Please let us know if you would like a table on our terrace.

Come on, book it! You know you want to ;)

Give a holiday feeling

Wrapped with love and a fun gadget

Ariane Gift Voucher

Always fun, isn't it? 

Breakfast, lunch or a lovely dinner? De possibilities in Ariane are endless, but always very much a coveted gift. 

You can get our gift vouchers in values of € 5, € 10, € 20 and all possible compositions. 

Our gift vouchers can be purchased free of charge from the reception desk of our hotel. 

Through the tool below, you can also order them online. Nice and easy, but with a small extra cost. 

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